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SpeakerTitleTextDateDownload Link
Pastor WrightWhere Is Your Heart?Jonah 3:10-4:64/18/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightDoes The Church Still Work?Acts 17:1-94/15/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightLove Is Not—But Love IsPsalm 63:1-8
I Corinthians 13:1-4
4/15/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightWhat's Your Choice?Jonah 34/11/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightWhat is Required of a New ChristianActs 15:1-234/8/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightA Balanced Spiritual LifeMark 12:28-344/8/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightHow's Your Prayer Life?Jonah 24/4/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightHaving Zeal for the WayActs 7,8 and 94/1/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightWhat's Your ChoiceJohn 19:1-184/1/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightWhy Do We Have Storms?Jonah 13/29/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightDevelopment of the Early ChurchActs 4:31-373/25/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightServing God With DiligenceMatthew 16:24-273/25/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightOur Storms Reveal the SaviorJonah 1:4-173/21/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightHow Did the Church SurviveActs 4:1-263/18/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightThe Doctrine of DisobedienceJonah 1:1-33/14/18Download mp3
Pastor WrightNew BeginningsII Chronicles 13/11/18Download mp3
Bro. VenegasThe Missions Minded ChurchRomans 15:143/7/18Download mp3
Bro. WarePreparing for the Journey AheadExodus 13:19-223/4/18Download mp3
Bro. WareBlind BartimaeusMark 10:46-523/4/18Download mp3
Bro. HortonThe Importance of MissionsMatthew 28:18-202/28/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensThink On ThisPsalm 322/25/18Download mp3
Bro. KingThe Discipline of DarknessMicah 7:82/21/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensA Life of MediocrityNehemiah 12/18/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Iron Did SwimII Kings 6:1-72/18/18Download mp3
Bro. VenegasOur Relationship With ChristRomans 12:17-13:12/14/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensFour Portraits of David, Conclusion1 Samuel 17:1-542/11/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensFour Portraits of David1 Samuel 17:1-202/11/18Download mp3
Bro. VenegasOvercoming Evil With GoodRomans 12:14-212/7/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Faith of the FourMatthew 9, Mark 2, Luke 52/4/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Raising of LazarusJohn 112/4/18Download mp3
Bro. KingIt's Always Too Soon to QuitGalatians 6:9-101/31/1Download mp3
Pastor StevensGod's Arranged MeetingGenesis 321/28/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensHow to Come to ChurchEcclesiastes 5:1-61/28/18Download mp3
RC KingCommitment and PromotionLuke 5:1-111/24/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensWhat Is A PastorJeremiah 1:51/21/18Download mp3
Larry WrightFervent PrayerLuke 11:1-131/17/18Download mp3
Larry WrightTrain Up a ChildPsalm 1271/14/18Download mp3
Larry WrightBringing Them to JesusJohn 1:30-421/14/18Download mp3
Bro. VenegasYielding to the LordRomans 12:14-211/10/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensFour Little WordsGenesis 3:7-241/7/18Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Problem With DoubtGenesis 3:1-71/7/18Download mp3
Bro. St. JeanLiving for Christ Like PaulPhilippians 1:211/4/18Download mp3


SpeakerTitleTextDateDownload Link
Pastor StevensThe Lord's SupperI Corinthians 11:17-3412/31/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensSomething From NothingLuke 5:1-1112/31/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasGod Has Provided Himself a ManI Samuel 15:35-16:312/27/17Download mp3
Bro. KingWhat's In A NameMatthew 1:2112/24/17Download mp3
Bro. KingHaving CompassionLuke 10:25-3712.20.17Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Post Christmas StoryMatthew 212//17/17Download mp3
Bro VenegasThe Fullness of TimeGalatians 4:4-712/13/17Download mp3
Bro. KingTraining Through DiscomfortJeremiah 45:1-512/6/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Day the Family Lost JesusLuke 2:39-5212/3/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensGod's Kind of ChurchActs 11:19-3012/3/17Download mp3
Bro VenegasYielding in PrayerRomans 12:9-1311/29/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensRemoving Barriers of the PastGenesis 45:1-311/26/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensSpiritual RestMatthew 11:27-2911/26/17Download mp3
Bro. KingTrue ThankfulnessHebrews 13:5-1511/21/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensFacing Your PastGenesis 4211/19/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensOn Eagles WingsIsaiah 40:3111/19/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasFervency of SpiritRomans 12:12-1311/15/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensWhen Life Isn't FairGenesis 4011/12/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensA Sinful NationII Chronicles 36:16 Isaiah 3:411/12/17Download mp3
Bro. KingRemedy For DiscouragementJeremiah 15:19-2111/8/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensThe Three SonsLuke 1511/5/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasYielding to GodRomans 12:3-1311/1/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensFacing TemptationGenesis 39:1-610/29/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensProblem of LonelinessII Timothy 4:9-1810/29/17Download mp3
Bro. KingThe Lord is AbleII Chronicles 25:1-910/25/17Download mp3
Bro. SmithieThe Intensity of Our FaithMatthew 15:21-2810/22/17Download mp3
Bro. SmithieA Successful ChurchActs 14:1-710/22/17Download mp3
Bro. KingDiscipline of DisappointmentI Chronicles 17:1-410/18/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensPain of Being MisunderstoodGenesis 37:1-810/15/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensLoosed From Satan's GripLuke 13:10-1710/15/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasToward HolinessRomans 12:3-1310/13/17Download mp3
Bro. GormleyGod's Blessings and RepentanceEcclesiastes 9:13-1810/8/17Download mp3
Bro. WareObtaining the Power of GodActs 4:24-3710/8/17Download mp3
Bro KingDiscipline of DestructionI Kngs 22:48-5010/4/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensFaith, Hope and GodHebrews 1:1-310/1/17Download mp3
Pastor StephensTestimony of a Bad DecisionRuth 1:1-610/1/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasGifts and the Early ChurchRomans 12:3-139/27/17Download mp3
Pastor StephensJesus in the Midst of the StormMatthew 14:22-339/24/17Download mp3
Pastor StevensBeing Where God Wants UsI Kings 17:1-219/24/17Download mp3
Bro. KingDiscipline of ChastisementJoshua 7:139/20/17Download mp3
Bro. KingDisturbing the NestDeuteronomy 32:119/17/17Download mp3
Bro. WareI Am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-189/17/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasOne Body--The ChurchRomans 12:4-139/13/17Download mp3
Bro. WeberDo You Really Want RevivalII Chronicles 7:149/10/17Download mp3
Bro. StancilOne HopeExodus 13:17-229/10/17Download mp3
Bro. KingDiscipline of DistressExodus 14:8-106/6/17Download mp3
Bro. M. WareWrestling With GodGenesis 32:24-329/3/17Download mp3
Bro. M.WareI Am The DoorJohn 10:6-109/3/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasAbundant Christian LifeRomans 12:1-48/30/17Download mp3
Bro. C. WareKingdom of the HeartMatthew 3:1-178/27/17Download mp3
Bro. C. WareThe Cost of CynicismGenesis 18:1-158/27/17Download mp3
Bro. KingDiscipline of DetoursExodus 13:17-188/24/17Download mp3
Bro. F. WareGood News From A Far CountryProverbs 25:258/20/17Download mp3
Bro. F. WareLiving AcceptablyPsalm 19:1-148/20/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasYielding to the LordRomans 12:1-28/16/17Download mp3
Bro. WareContinuing SteadfastlyActs 2:41-438/14/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrHoly Bible, Book DivineII Peter 1:12-218/13/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Blessings of GivingPhilippians 4:14-208/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrFalse Teachers 2II Peter 2:18-228/6/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrPrayers of the SaintsEphesians 1:15-238/6/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrBeing Controlled By the Holy SpiritEphesians 5:188/2/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrIsrael the Church and the HouseholderMatthew 21:33-447/30/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrVision for the ChurchMatthew 28:16-207/30/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Devil's Attack PlanEphesians 6:10-127/26/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrFalse TeachersII Peter 2: 10-167/23/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrVictory Over the WorldI Peter 1:1-107/23/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWho Is the Devil?Ephesians 6:107/19/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrIdentifying False TeachersII Peter 2:1-97/16/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Lordship of ChristRomans 14:7-117/16/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Power of SinRomans 77/12/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrKindnessEphesians 4:327/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrBeing a Servant of GodRomans 16:1-77/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrOvercoming TemptationJames 1:13-157/5/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasWhat is Sacrifice?Romans 12:17/2/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrSome Reasons I Love AmericaProverbs 1:8-9, Proverbs 4:1-27/2/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWonderful PeaceJohn 14:276/28/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhat To Do With Our SinI John 1:5-2:26/25/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrCity of the Living GodHebrews 12:18-246/25/17Download mp3
Bro. MortensonMaking A DifferenceJude 20-236/21/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Day of the LordII Peter 3:7-186/18/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrA Lesson for FathersEphesians 6:46/18/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrJesus Is GreaterHebrews 5:1-106/11/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrChildren of the PromiseGalatians 4:21-316/7/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Goodness of God1 Thessalonians 5:16-186/4/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrBack to BethelGenesis 35:1-156/4/17Download mp3
Dr. ReedThis Hope1 John 3:2-35/31/17Download mp3
Bro. WhiteThe Value of the Bus Ministryvarious5/28/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhat the World Will Never Teach Your ChildrenRevelation 1:1-55/28/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Tabernacle Pt. 1Exodus 255/24/17Download mp3
Bro. HankeyMoses' ExcusesExodus 3 & 45/21/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrHope for the Family - MenEphesians 5:23-295/21/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Blessed ManPsalm 1125/17/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrFortifying the FamilyDeuteronomy 6:1-155/14/17Download mp3
Bro. FieldingI Am A Weak ChristianII Corinthians 12:9-105/10/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrConquering BitternessHebrews 12:12-175/7/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrOur Common SalvationGalatians 3:6-145/7/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Feasts of the Lord (continued)Leviticus 235/3/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhat Must I Do To Be SavedVarious4/30/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrLooking Unto JesusHebrews 12:1-34/30/17Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedGod's Unchanging Word Psalm 194/27/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrIt's Too Soon To QuitActs 18:1-114/23/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrHow To Have A Mighty Church1 Thessalonians 1:1-44/23/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Feasts of the LordLeviticus 23:1-114/19/17Download mp3
Bro. WareFire On The Mountain1 Kings 18:21-404/16/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhy Easter Is So SpecialActs 17:34/16/17Download mp3
Bro. Paul SmithA Christian View of GovernmentRomans 13:1-74/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Triumphal Entry of ChristLuke 19:28-484/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Prophet of the Family FeudObadiah4/2/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrAre You A Church Snob?James 2:1-134/2/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Power of Prayer -- MeetingsActs 4:23-313/29/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Amazing Grace of GodTitus 2:11-153/26/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrBeing With JesusActs 4:13-223/26/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrHow To Be Strong In the Lord2 Timothy 2:1-53/22/17Download mp3
Bro. LambThere Is a God In HeavenDaniel 2:19-283/19/17Download mp3
Bro. LambThe Importance of ForgivenessMatthew 18:20-353/19/17Download mp3
Bro. LambHelps to the HomeGenesis 28:18-253/19/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrBe Strong In the LordII Timothy 2:1-23/15/17Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThreefold ApostasyJude 113/12/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhen Problems PersistRomans 8:28-303/12/17Download mp3
Bro. Lu MaySalvation Is For All PeopleLuke 2:25-353/5/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrLessons From Abraham's FaithRomans 4:16-253/5/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Heritage of the Servant of the LordIsaiah 54:173/1/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrMinistry of the Holy Spirit to the WorldJohn 16:7-112/26/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrOur Philosophy of LifePhilippians 1:21-262/26/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrGetting To Know Jesus BetterPhilippians 3:10-112/22/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrVictorious Life in JesusColossians 3:5-142/19/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrMoney MiseriesJames 5:1-62/15/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrJesus The Eternal Godvarious2/12/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrTragedy of the AlmostActs 26:24-292/12/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrA Balanced Biblical ChristianPhilippians 2:25-262/8/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrJesus Teaches Us EvangelismJohn 4:3-262/5/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrA Place Called GolgothaMatthew 27:33-382/5/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrIt's Closer Than It's Ever Been1 John 2:18-272/1/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Beginning of Your Faith1 Thessalonians 3:6-81/29/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrCompassion For The LostActs 1:6-81/29/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhat To Do With My Sin1 John 11/25/16Download mp3
Bro. CanavanWithout FaithMark 5:21-431/22/17Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedInauguration of A KingPsalm 21/22/17Download mp3
Bro. WhiteOur Exceeding Great RewardEphesians 21/18/17Download mp3
Bro. VenegasPure ReligionRomans 2:17-291/15/17Download mp3
Bro. CanavanCharacteristics of ChristlikenessPhilippians 2:1-101/15/17Download mp3
Bro. FarrellAfter The Church Is Gone2 Thessalonians 2:1-121/11/17Download mp3
Bro. FarrellThe Key To Maximum Christian LivingEphesians 5:14-211/10/17Download mp3
Bro. FarrellA Strong Fruitful Prayer Life1 Samuel 1:9-12, 19-201/9/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrWhat If Tomorrow Never Comes?James 4:13-171/4/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrTime of the Lord's Supper1 Corinthians 11:23-341/1/17Download mp3
Pastor CarrKeeping Yourself In the Love of GodJude 20-251/1/17Download mp3


SpeakerTitleTextDateDownload Link
Bro. RastelliForgotten Aspects of WorshipJohn 12:1-912/28/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrHis Name Shall Be Called WonderfulIsaiah 9:612/25/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrThy Kingdom ComeVarious12/21/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrWork of the Holy Spirit in SalvationEphesians 1:13-1412/18/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrChristmas in EgyptMatthew 2:13-1712/18/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrInfluential PeopleMatthew 2:1-1212/14/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrA Portrait of JosephMatthew 1:18-2512/11/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrAnd Time Will Be No MoreRevelation 21:1-812/4/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrThe Beauty of His GraceEphesians 1:7-1212/4/16Download mp3
Jon CanavanProblems Begin in the HeartMatthew 15:1-2011/30/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrRest For The SoulVarious11/27/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrAccepted but Not AcceptableEphesians 1:3-611/27/16Download mp3
Pastor CarrWe Delight In Giving ThanksPsalm 10311/22/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedStay by the Stuff1 Samuel 30:21-2511/20/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedReflections of an Old SaintPsalm 37:1-811/16/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Greatness of AmericaDeuteronomy 4:1-911/13/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedGod's Direction for NationsVarious11/9/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Promise for Those Who Want to GivePsalm 81:1011/6/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedDo We Ever Have Authority to Judge?Matthew 7:1-611/2/16Download mp3
Mark CarrGiving - The Neglected Beatitude Acts 20:3510/30/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedDrawing Near to GodPsalm 73:25-2810/30/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedJudging – From the Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:1-610/26/16Download mp3
Bro. ThrelkeldConfused ContentmentPhilippians 4:9-1310/23/16Download mp3
Bro. ThrelkeldA Season of ChangeMark 5:1-1310/23/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat Do Ye More Than OthersMatthew 5:43-4810/19/16Download mp3
Mark CarrHilarious Giving2 Corinthians 910/16/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedParable of the Two DebtorsLuke 7:36-5010/16/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSix Ways Christians Are DifferentMatthew 5:43-4810/12/16Download mp3
Mark CarrAre There Some Things Worth Knowing?I John 5:1310/9/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan RedThe Man God Called A FoolLuke 12:13-2010/9/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedChristian Living In An UnChristian WorldMatthew 5:13-1610/5/16Download mp3
Brother StewartJesus the Foundation of the ChurchMatthew 16:1810/2/16Download mp3
Brother StewartWhy Support MissionsHebrews 9:22-2810/2/16Download mp3
Brother StewartThe Challenge Call of MissionsMark 16:159/30/16Download mp3
Brother StewartA Missionary ChallengeActs 1:89/29/16Download mp3
Brother StewartFaith Promise: Simple and SensibleLuke 6:389/28/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhy Are We Not MovedMat. 9:35-389/25/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Benefits of Accepting ChristRomans 5:1-119/25/16Download mp3
Stephen KingHow to Pray for a Missionary9/21/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Child of Revelation 12Revelation 129/18/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSalvation by GraceEphesians 2:8:99/18/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe BeatitudesMatthew 5: 1-129/14/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Two WitnessesRevelation 11:1-139/11/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSo Much the MoreHebrews 10:24-259/11/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe New Battle For the Bible Pt. 61 Corinthians 11:199/7/6Download mp3
Mark CarrGood Pastor-Good Church1 Thessalonians 2:1-129/4/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Demands of our Faith Pt. 2Hebrews 13:10-199/4/16Download mp3
Dr.Dan ReedThe New Battle for the Bible Pt. 5John 178/31/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Tribulation TempleRevelation 11:1-28/28/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Demands of Our FaithHebrews 13:1-158/28/16Download mp3
Bro. ChanWhere Is Your CommitmentDaniel 3:28-308/24/16Download mp3
Mark CarrA Pause Between JudgmentsRevelation 108/21/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Blessing or Cursing of ChildrenProverbs 29:15-198/21/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe New Battle for the Bible Pt. 4II Peter 3:168/17/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Ethics of FaithHebrews 13:1-48/14/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe New Battle for the Bible Pt. 3II Peter 3:168/10/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Sixth Trumpet SoundsRevelation 9:13-218/7/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedGod’s School – Our TrainingHebrews 12:4-138/7/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe New Battle for the Bible Pt. 2II Peter 3:168/3/16Download mp3
Mark CarrHow Good Works Glorify GodII Kings 5:1-197/31/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe New Battle for the BibleEphesians 4:147/27/16Download mp3
Mark CarrPaul: Spiritual CPAPhilippians 3:1-97/24/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Race Set Before UsHebrews 12:1-37/24/16Download mp3
Mark CarrFlesh Vs. the SpiritGalatians 5:16-267/20/16Download mp3
Mark CarrPlague of LocustsRevelation 9:1-127/17/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedBecoming Heavenly MindedHebrews 11:8-167/17/16Download mp3
Mark LancasterHearing the Voice of God1 Samuel 3:1-117/13/16Download mp3
Scott CrabtreeWhat Wilt Thou Have Me To DoActs 9:1-67/10/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedI Am Not AshamedRomans 1:16-177/10/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Stressed SaintPsalm 119:65-727/6/16Download mp3
Mark CarrSilence in HeavenRevelation 87/3/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Burden of the Word of the LordMalachi 1:17/3/16Download mp3
Mark CarrStrength in the Inner ManEphesians 3:14-216/29/16Download mp3
Nick WhiteReaching America Through the Body of ChristI Corinthians 126/26/16Download mp3
Tommy TillmanAngels in the BibleGenesis 19:16/26/16Download mp3
Tommy TillmanMongolia Missions PresentationN/A6/26/16Download mp3
Mark CarrA Life of GreatnessMark 9:306/22/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Bloodwashed Multitude of Revelation 7Revelation 76/19/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Father's Greatest AssetProverbs 206/19/16Download mp3
Nick AndersonIn Christ's SteadII Corinthians 5:206/12/16Download mp3
Mark CarrA Personal PeacePhilippians 46/8/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Seventh SealRevelation 76/5/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedFaith's ChoicesHebrews 11:20-226/5/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Lord Stood by PaulActs 23:116/1/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Fifth and Sixth SealRevelation 6:9-175/29/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Crossroads of a NationPsalm 85:1-65/29/16Download mp3
Toby WeaverThe Heart of the ChurchActs 4:31-335/25/16Download mp3
Mark CarrA Foundation for ProphecyDaniel 95/22/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Pattern of Faith, Part 2Hebrews 115/22/16Download mp3
Mark CarrLife LessonsI Thes. 5:16-245/18/16Download mp3
Dr. Charles WalkerWhat to Do When You Don't Know What to DoJudges 21:255/15/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Pattern of Faith, Part 1Hebrews 115/15/16Download mp3
Scott PauleyWaiting on the LordIsaiah 40:315/11/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Brother OffendedProverbs 18:195/8/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Life of JochebedExodus 2:1-145/8/16Download mp3
Joseph SeguardoAn Example of DemasI Corinthians 10:115/4/16Download mp3
Mark CarrReading Tomorrow's HeadlinesRevelation 65/1/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Work of FaithHebrews 11:75/1/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHow to Behave in the House of GodI Timothy 3:14-164/27/16Download mp3
Mark CarrPraying for the Peace of JerusalemRevelation4/24/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Testimony of FaithHebrews 114/24/16Download mp3
Mark CarrWhen Trouble ComesII Corinthians 14/20/16Download mp3
Mark CarrChrist's Last Will and TestamentHebrews 9:15-284/17/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat is Faith?Hebrews 11:1-34/17/16Download mp3
Mark CarrOur Most Unruly MemberJames 34/13/16Download mp3
Richard WeberDo You Believe All the Bible?Genesis 1:14/10/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe 'Alls' of ScriptureVarious4/10/16Download mp3
Dan ReedLessons from 9/11Judges 19:304/6/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Redemption of the Purchased PossessionRevelation 5:1-74/3/16Download mp3
Mark CarrBeing Sensitive to God's OpportunitiesActs 16:11-154/3/16Download mp3
Mark CarrJesus WinsI Peter 3:18-23/30/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Resurrection Body of the BelieverI Corinthians 15:35-493/27/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Sting of DeathI Corinthians 15:54-573/27/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Privileges of AdoptionRomans 8:14-173/23/16Download mp3
Mark CarrWon't It Be Wonderful ThereRevelation 4:2-113/20/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHard LessonsPsalm 119:65-723/20/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Training of ChildrenEphesians 6:43/16/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Believer's RewardsRevelation 22:123/13/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedAn Abundant PardonIsaiah 55:6-73/13/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Training of ChildrenEphesians 6:43/9/16Download mp3
Mark CarrWhen Worship is WrongI Corinthians 113/6/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedNot Forsaking the AssemblingHebrews 10:19-253/6/16Download mp3
Eric GoetschAn Imperative from Psalm 51Psalm 51:1-33/2/16Download mp3
Dr. David Gibbs Jr. Power in PrayerJames 5:17-182/28/16Download mp3
Dr. David Gibbs Jr.A Passion for ChristRomans 8:282/28/16Download mp3
Dr. David Gibbs Jr.A Divine ListII Peter 1:5-92/28/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Preparation of the Heart in a ChildII Chronicles 12:13-142/24/16Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Significance, Symbolism, and Security of Revelation 4:1Revelation 4:12/21/2016Download mp3
Dr. Alton BealThe Danger of DistractionMatthew 6:332/21/2016Download mp3
Dr. Alton BealSinging/Testimonies - The American Dream Must DieEcclesiastes 2:1-172/21/16Download mp3
Scott PauleyLove the Lord With All Thy HeartMark 12:28-302/17/16Download mp3
Scott Pauley12 Hours to LiveLuke 12:192/16/16Download mp3
Scott PauleyMissing God's Mighty WorkMark 6:1-62/15/16Download mp3
Roger PauleyLights in the WorldPhilippians 2:1-162/14/16Download mp3
Roger PauleyThe Love of GodJohn 212/14/16Download mp3
Roger PauleyEnoch's Walk with GodGenesis 22/14/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Preparation of the Heart in a Child2 Chronicles 122/10/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Church at LaodiceaRevelation 32/7/2016Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedOne Thing thou LackestMark 10:17-272/7/2016Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedUnderstanding the CultureActs 17:162/3/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrSumary of End Times Prophesy in RevelationEzekial 381/31/2016Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedBringing Children to ChristMark 10:13-161/27/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Church at PhiladelphiaRevelation 31/24/2016Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThere is ForgivenessPsalm 130:3-41/24/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Church at SardisRevelation 31/17/2016Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedKeeping Yourself from BackslidingPsalm 37:311/17/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrSecond Coming of ChristI Thessalonians 4:9-181/10/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrChristlike LoveI Corinthians 131/10/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Parable of the DragnetMatthew 131/6/2016Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Church at SardoniaRevelation1/3/16Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Blessed New Year's PromiseHaggai 2:15-191/3/2016Download mp3


SpeakerTitleTextDateDownload Link
Mark CarrThe Pearl of Great PriceMatthew 13:45-4612/30/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at ThyatiraRevelation 2:18-2912/27/15Download mp3
Mark CarrLove Not the WorldI John 2:15-1712/27/15Download mp3
Mark CarrHis Name Shall Be Called {With Spanish Translation}Isaiah 9:612/24/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at ThyatiraRevelation 2:18-2912/20/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Greatest Christmas GiftII Corinithians 8:912/20/15Download mp3
Mark CarrHidden Treasure12/16/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at PergamosRevelation12/13/15Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Name of JesusMatthew 1:18-2112/13/15Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Parable of the LeavenMatthew 13:3312/9/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at SmyrnaRevelation 212/6/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Importance of ForgivenessPhilemon12/6/15Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Parable of the Mustard SeedII Corinthians 1312/2/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at SmyrnaRevelation 211/29/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Importance of ForgivenessPhilemon11/29/15Download mp3
Mark CarrA Psalm of ThanksgivingPsalm 103:8-1411/24/15Download mp3
Dwayne HickmanAnother SpiritNumbers 1311/22/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Importance of ForgivenessMatthew 18:21-3511/22/15Download mp3
Mark CarrParable of the Wheat and TaresN/A11/18/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation - The Church at EphesusRevelation11/15/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Importance of ForgivenessPhilemon11/15/15Download mp3
Mark CarrParable of the Wheat and TaresN/A11/11/15Download mp3
Mark CarrJohn's Vision of ChristRevelations 1:12-2011/8/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Prayer for RevivalPsalm 8511/8/15Download mp3
Mark CarrParable of the SoilMatthew 1311/4/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLearning as a LeaderPhillipians 4:1-811/1/15Download mp3
Mark CarrBorn AgainJohn 3:1-1511/1/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Priesthood of BelieversI Corinthians 1:1010/28/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevalation Series: UntitledRevelation 1:8-1110/25/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedIn My Trouble I Have PreparedI Chronicles 22:710/25/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Priesthood of BelieversI Corinthians 1:1010/21/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation: Characteristics of Christ's ReturnRevelation10/18/15Download mp3
Mark CarrDining at the Lord's TableLuke 14:15-2410/18/15Download mp3
Mark CarrHow to Treat Difficult PeopleRomans 1210/14/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Elements of a Successful Soul-WinnerPsalm 126:1-610/11/15Download mp3
Mark CarrBarnabasN/A10/11/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Word Above AllPsalm 138:210/7/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedDoest Thou Well to be Angry?Jonah 4:1-910/4/15Download mp3
Mark CarrKnowing How to Possess your VesselI Thessalonians 1:1-410/4/15Download mp3
Dr. Charles KeenBargaining with GodII Kings 4:1-79/29/15Download mp3
Spencer SmithDo You Understand the Gospel?Romans 1:169/29/15Download mp3
Dr. Charles KeenStrategyMark 6: 34-449/28/2015Download mp3
Mike HaleyThe Motive and Method for MissionsEphesians 3:6-89/28/15Download mp3
Dr. Charles KeenGreat Commission - Feeding of 5000John 6:5-149/27/2015Download mp3
Yura PopchenkoBible Translation is MissionsRomans 10:179/27/2015Download mp3
Dr. Charles KeenRelaunchActs 79/27/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedContending for the FaithJude9/23/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrChrist in RevelationRevelation 1:4-79/20/15Download mp3
Mark CarrReturning to BethelGenesis 359/20/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Danger of DefectionJude 59/16/15Download mp3
Todd ThrelkeldApathyJudges 8:4-179/13/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Strangeness of JesusMatthew 9:1-89/13/15Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedIdentifying the EnemyJude 49/9/15Download mp3
Mark CarrRevelation: IntroductionRevelation 1:1-39/6/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Valley of BacaPsalm 84:69/6/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedContending for the FaithJude 39/2/2015Download mp3
Paul NewloveOur Faithfulness and God's BlessingsActs 98/30/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSo Great SalvationHebrews 2:1-48/30/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrPrayer ProblemsN/A8/26/2015Download mp3
Mark Carr - Mike Leonard - Dr. Dan ReedMissionary Mike Leonard OrdinationN/A8/23/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedChrist's Superiority to AngelsHebrews 1:4-148/23/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedContending for the FaithJude 1-28/19/2015Download mp3
Jared NewloveThe Parable of the VineyardMark 12:1-128/16/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Superiority of Jesus ChristHebrews 1:1-48/16/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedContending for the FaithJude 1-28/12/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Secret PlacePsalm 91:1-168/9/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrMeekness Is not WeaknessMatthew 21:58/5/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrComfort for the ConfusedPhilippians 3:1-38/2/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Concern of the Holy SpiritJohn 16:14-158/2/2015Download mp3
Dr. Toby WeaverClean Hands and a Pure HeartPsalm 24:47/30/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Communication of the Holy SpiritJohn 16:12-137/26/2015Download mp3
Gary LedfordFollow the LeaderJohn 21:1-77/23/2015Download mp3
Mark McElreathWhy is it that Thous has Sent Me?Exodus 5:1-9;20-237/19/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Conviction of the Holy SpiritJohn 16:8-117/19/2015Download mp3
Scott PauleyJust a Prayer MeetingActs 12:1-57/16/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrIs Your Religion RealJames 1:26-277/12/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Comfort of the Holy SpiritJohn 16:7-157/12/2015Download mp3
Steve GrubbsFinish StrongII Timothy 4:1-37/9/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Promise of RevivalIsaiah 44:3-57/5/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Need for RevivalJames 4:4-107/5/2015Download mp3
Michael PlowmanGo Down to KeilahI Samuel 23:1-57/2/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Secret of ContentmentPsalm 131:1-36/28/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Art of Living CarefullyTitus 36/24/2015Download mp3
Dwayne HickmanThe Future of Christian EducationPsalm 78:1-46/21/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrHow to Love Life and See Good DaysI Peter 3:8-126/21/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrUnity in the ChurchN/A6/17/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedTwo Are Better Than OneEcclesiastes 4:7-126/14/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrLaw vs. GraceRomans 3:21-316/14/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat Grace Teaches UsTitus 26/10/2015Download mp3
Mike LeonardStrengthening the Inner ManEphesians 3:14-196/7/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Dad's InfluenceJoshua 24:15,316/7/2015Download mp3
Dr. Tom FarrellLet's Be a BarnabasActs 11:19-245/31/2015Download mp3
Dr. Tom FarrellThe Biggest Business in All the WorldActs 1:6-85/31/2015Download mp3
Dr. Tom FarrellHow Do You Face Life's Testing Times?James 1:1-85/31/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedTitus, Part IIN/A5/27/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe 3 Types of Unsaved PeopleJohn 5:445/24/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat To Do With Your BurdensPsalm 55:225/24/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedTitus, Part ITitus5/20/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Way God Deals With UsPsalm 103:8-145/17/2015Download mp3
Michael MabeVessel of HonorII Timothy 2:19-265/13/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Mother's LegacyII Timothy 3:15-175/10/2015Download mp3
Paul NewloveGrowing in our FaithGenesis 33:1-155/6/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Example of the Aged ManN/A5/3/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedIt Pays to Serve the LordMalachi 3:13-185/3/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Leader and His TeamColossians 4:7-184/26/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat the Bible Says about Gay MarriageLeviticus 18:224/26/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Function of The ChurchEphesians 2:19-224/19/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrNo SeparationRomans 8:31-394/19/2015Download mp3
Mark LiedtkeThe Commendation of GrowthI Thessalonians 1:1-84/12/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHow to Cure a Bad AttitudePsalm 73:16-264/12/2015Download mp3
Chris MillerThe Reality of a Resurrected SaviourMark 164/5/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Fellowship of the Burning HeartLuke 24:13-354/5/2015Download mp3
Jared NewloveSoulwinning: Jesus' PurposeLuke 17:11-193/29/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHow the New Man Ought to SpeakColossians 4:2-63/29/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Home of the New ManColossians 3:18-4:13/22/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedOrder in the Church IVTitus 1:10-163/15/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedRules of Conduct in the House of GodColossians 3:15-173/15/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedOrder in the Church IIITitus 1:5-93/8/2015Download mp3
RC KingHow God Works in our DilemnasII Chronicles 25:5-133/8/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedOrder in the Church IITitus 1:5-93/1/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHow to Dress as a ChristianColossians 3:9-143/1/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedOrder in the ChurchTitus 1:1-42/22/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Doctrine of MortificationColossians 3:5-92/22/2015Download mp3
Aaron WareBecoming A Passionate Follower of ChristLuke 9:232/15/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLiving The Christ LifeColossians 3:1-42/15/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedIs Anything too Hard For GodJeremiah 32:1-272/8/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedConstructing A CHristian World ViewColossians 2:82/8/2015Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Doctrine of Eternal SecurityHebrews 6:13-202/3/2015Download mp3
Tom CampbellN/ALuke 2:252/2/2015Download mp3
Tom CampbellThe Doctrine of MercyLuke 7:36-502/1/2015Download mp3
Tom CampbellA Verse and a VisionMatthew 26:392/1/2015Download mp3
Chris MillerChrist Our LIfeColossians 3:1-141/25/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Concern of a Pastor IIColossians 2:1-71/25/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedTurn Us AgainPsalm 801/18/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWalking Together With GodAmos 3:31/18/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedRaising Children and Teens IIII Samuel 18:1-51/14/2015Download mp3
Mike LeonardPurpose and PriorityActs 26:13-201/11/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedConcerns of a PastorColossians 2:1-71/11/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedRaising Children and TeensII Samuel 18:1-51/7/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe True Prosperity GospelI Tim 6:3-8, Titus 1:91/4/2015Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedFrom Faith to FaithRomans 1:171/4/2015Download mp3


SpeakerTitleTextDateDownload Link
Darrell HayesOvercoming TemptationI Kings 1712/31/2014Download mp3
Jaime MattoxLessons you Better LearnEcclesiastes 412/28/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedMedals for the Faithful SoldierI Peter 5:8-1012/28/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Names of ChristN/A12/24/2014Download mp3
Stephen KingThe True Meaning of ChristmasGalatians 4:4-712/21/2014Download mp3
Richard WeberOne of Two HomesPsalm 24:7-1012/21/2014Download mp3
Mike LeonardSatan - Our EnemyEphesians 6:10-1212/17/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedShow Me Your FaithJames 2:1812/14/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe True Spirit of ChristmasLuke 1:46-4712/14/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedObedience to God's CommandsII Chronicles 16:912/10/2014Download mp3
Dr. Raymond HancockIs He Worth It?II Corinthians 9:1512/7/2014Download mp3
Dr. Raymond HancockHe Got More than He Asked ForPsalm 2:812/7/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedGod's Design in AfflicitonPsalm 119: 73-8012/3/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWithout FaithHebrews 11:611/30/2014Download mp3
Matt WareThe Problem of SinII Kings 5:1-1611/30/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedBeing ThankfulPsalm 10011/25/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Character of MinistryColossians 1:24-2911/23/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLoving or Loathing the BiblePsalm 119:17-2411/19/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLord - Increase Our FaithI Thessolonians 1:311/16/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedReconciliationColossians 1:20-2311/16/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLessons In SoulwinningProverbs 11:3011/12/2014Download mp3
Paul JohnsonLove's StoryJohn 15:12-1311/9/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Supremacy of ChristColossians 1:15-1811/9/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLessons in SoulwinningProverbs 11:3011/5/2014Download mp3
Jeff MonroeLiving a Holy LifeProverbs 11:3011/2/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedFive Marks of a Saved ManActs 26:16-2011/2/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedJesus' Attitude Toward SInnersLuke 15:1-1010/26/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedPraying for New Christians - Part IIColossians 1:9-1310/26/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLessons in SoulwinningProverbs 11:3010/22/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSome Useful Instructions on SoulwinningJude 22 - 2310/19/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedPraying for New ChristiansColossians 1:9-1310/19/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedFulfilling a VisionRom. 15:22-3310/5/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Truth of the GospelColossians 1:1-810/5/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedCults Part 4 - False Prophets: Christian ScienceColossians 2:88/27/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSurrender: My Attitude Towards Those with Whom I DifferRomans 14:1-128/24/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Tried SaintJames 1:128/24/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedHow to Not be a HypocriteMatthew 158/20/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSurrender: Duties to God and OthersRomans 13:8-148/17/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Test of AuthenticityII Cor. 13:1-68/17/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedCults Part 4 - False Prophets: MormonsEphesians 4:148/13/2014Download mp3
Dick FrostSpreading the GospelI Cor. 15:1-208/10/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedCults Part 4 - False Prophets: Jehovah's WitnessesEphesians 4:147/30/2014Download mp3
Shelton SmithCrossing the JordanJoshua 3:1-77/27/2014Download mp3
Shelton SmithThe Family of GodI John 3:1-37/27/2014Download mp3
Shelton SmithConfronting The Crisis In CreteTitus 17/27/2014Download mp3
Dan ReedCults Part 3 - How to Recognize a False CultII John 9-117/23/2014Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Prophet Jonah Wanted to BeNahum7/20/2014Download mp3
Mark CarrHow to Stay StirredDaniel 9:1-37/20/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedCults Part 2 - What Is Truth?John 18:37-387/16/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSurrender: How I Treat Those Who Mistreat Me - Part 2Romans 12:14-217/13/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedSurrender: How I Treat Those Who Mistreat Me - Part 1Romans 12:14-217/13/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedCults Part 1 - A Biblical View of JudgingI Peter 4:76/25/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedDiary of a Depressed ManPsalm 426/22/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedReceiving ChristJohn 1:11-136/22/2014Download mp3
Gordon HortonWill We Still Worship Him?Job 1:7-226/18/2014Download mp3
Daniel CallaghanCan God?Psalm 786/15/2014Download mp3
Sammy VenegasAn Egypt ExperienceGenesis 12:10-206/8/2014Download mp3
George LoganAn Altar Unto the LordGenesis 12:1-9; 13:1-46/8/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Godly Graduate's PrayerPsalm 119:1336/1/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat the Backslider LosesHaggai 2:1-46/1/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedEssentials to SoulwinningJohn 45/28/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Real War - Part IIEphesians 6:10-185/25/2014Download mp3
Josh JohnsonThe Power of the GospelRomans 15/21/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhen Your Soul Refuses to be ComfortedPsalm 775/18/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Real War - Part IEphesians 6:10-185/18/2014Download mp3
Jared NewloveWhere Are Your Gold Shields?I Kings 10:14-175/14/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhy Christians Should Love the House of GodPsalm 845/11/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Portrait of a Godly MotherI Samuel 1:19-235/11/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedWhat If We Neglect Chruch Discipline?Rev 3:14-225/7/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedA Contemplation of GodPsalm 139:1-125/4/2014Download mp3
Guy AltizerSeeking God's DirectionMatt 9:35-385/4/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedThe Purpose of Church DisciplineMatt 18:15-174/30/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedLearning ObedienceHeb 5:84/27/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedFollowing ChristLuke 9:57-624/27/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedForgiveness Within the ChurchMatt 18:15-174/23/2014Download mp3
Matt WareDeacon Ordination SermonN/A4/20/2014Download mp3
Dr. Dan ReedI Am the ResurrectionJohn 11:21-284/20/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedWhen Young People Have Their Eyes OpenedII Kings 6:8-234/13/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Blessed ManPsalm 1124/6/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedLoyaltyEph 6:5-94/6/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Filling of the Holy SpiritEph. 5:18-213/30/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedA Road Sign To HeavenIsaiah 45:223/30/2014Download mp3
Alan StewartServing OthersMark 16:153/23/2014Download mp3
Alan StewartThe Harvest is PlenteousMatt 9:36-383/23/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Total PictureRomans 12:3-83/16/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedWalk In WisdomEphesians 5:15-173/16/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedBringing People To LifeII Kings 4:18-373/9/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedWalking In LightEphesians 5:8-143/9/2014Download mp3
Mrs. Audrey HortonPOW TestimonyN/A3/5/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedTraining ChildrenEph 6:43/2/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedN/AEph 5:1-73/2/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedFrom Generalities To SpecificsEph 4:25-322/23/2014Download mp3
Dave CarterMissionary PresentationN/A2/23/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedDoctrine - BaptismRom 62/19/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedFrom Generalities To SpecificsEph 4:25-322/16/2013Download mp3
Dr Mark RasmussenYou and Your Family Csan Be Used By GodI Kings 17:8-162/16/2013Download mp3
Dr Mark RasmussenAn Anchor You Can Count OnRom 8:282/16/2013Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedTraining ChildrenEph 6:42/9/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedFrom Generalities To SpecificsEph 4:25-302/9/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedBiblical Church DisciplineMatt 18:15-172/5/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedEvery Issue is a Heart IssueMark 7:14-232/2/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedMarked MenEph 4:17-242/2/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Principles of A Christian Marriage (Men)1 Pet 3:1-71/26/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Growth of the ChurchEph 4:7-161/26/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedInerrancy vs. Higher CriticismEph 4:141/22/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedThe Principles of A Christian Marriage (Women)I Pet 3:1-71/19/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedBiblical UnityEph 4:1-61/19/2014Download mp3
Joe ArthurHold The Rope - Somebody Is In Your BasketActs 9:251/15/2014Download mp3
Joe ArthurIt's Not As Bad As It SeemsLuke 10:30-351/14/2014Download mp3
Joe ArthurThe Tragedy of Not Knowing JosephEx 1:5-81/13/2014Download mp3
Mark CarrThe Coming King of KingsZech 9:1-81/12/2014Download mp3
Mark CarrBehold The ManZech 6:9-141/12/2014Download mp3
Mark CarrHistorical Context and The Visions of ZechariahZechariah 1- 51/12/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedSeparatism vs EcumenicalismJohn 17:17-231/8/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedIncreasing More and More (2)I Thes 4:11-171/5/2014Download mp3
Dr Dan ReedIncreasing More and MoreI Thes 4:1-101/5/2014Download mp3